Karan Hotel, Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia

I find myself working in Saudi Arabia this week and, once again, am staying at the Karan Hotel in Al Jubail .

I haven’t even tried to ask for poached eggs here, although I’m pretty sure they’d give it a damned good try.  What’s missing here are the appropriate foods to accompany the poached eggs.  Poached eggs, beef bacon and chicken sausage just won’t cut the mustard for me. I’m afraid!  I’ll just have to put up with the delicious, made-to-order omelettes!

What I’m happy to say about this hotel is that everything else is good.  Really good service from all of the staff, the buffet lunches and dinners are all perfectly good, although sometimes its a bit of a lucky dip as to what you might find yourself eating.  At least there’s plenty of mezze with really good hummus, tabouleh, dolmades etc., to keep me going!

I wonder what’s on the menu tonight…