Premier Inn and almost premier eggs!

Last week I spent a couple of nights at the Premier Inn at Cheadle Royal.  I’ve spent quite a few nights here over the last couple of years and always have poached eggs.  The problem is, they’re not always the best.So, what did I get this time?  On Tuesday morning, the good news is that the eggs were perfectly cooked and, even better, they weren’t swimming in water on the plate!!  Can’t have a Premier Breakfast without bacon, and the bacon was perfectly cooked – just beginning to get crispy, just as I like it.

Thursday was not so good.  One of the eggs was cooked perfectly, the other was a little bit over-cooked for my liking.  Never mind, the bacon was perfect again…

One thing that I would like, though:  eggs that are poached in a deep pan of water, not shallow-poached as I had this week.  I have no plans for nights away this week, but may well poach my own eggs 🙂