Could this be the worst breakfast ever?

I’ve stayed at a different Premier Inn in Bracknell before, and I seem to recall that the eggs weren’t great there so I wasn’t disappointed that I couldn’t get a room there for my trip this week.

I ordered the usual two poached eggs, bacon, mushrooms and hash browns and they arrived very quickly. Impressed so far!! That, however, is as good as it gets. The mushrooms, both of them, looked like they had been dehydrated! They were dry and wrinkled on the outside. On the inside they looked OK, but I have no idea what they tasted like because they looked disgusting and I couldn’t face even trying to eat them.

Now for the main event, the poached eggs. The story simply gets worse. One of the eggs didn’t seem to have a yolk. It did have a yolk when it was cooked, but when it was “thrown” onto my plate, it seems that it burst and spread itself over the place.  The other one wasn’t poached properly, but cooked in a shallow bath so that it looked like a fried egg!  Poaching eggs is not difficult, so why do the Premier Inn breakfast chefs have so many problems cooking them?

Bad news is that I’m staying here again tonight.  I won’t get my hopes up for better eggs tomorrow.