Good Irish poached eggs in Limerick

Quick post due to popular demand on Facebook!

Staying in Limerick, at the Castletroy Park Hotel near the University of Limerick.  Good choice, recommended by my hosts here in Ireland.

I decided on the ‘full Irish breakfast’ experience, only to discover that it was a buffet… needed to order poached eggs.  They duly arrived, sitting neatly on their own square of white toast.  What the chef was thinking when he added a garnish of rocket leaves baffles me!  Off to the buffet to add the other components of the full Irish.  Yes, there was white and black pudding and some better than average sausages.  The ‘crispy bacon’ would have failed the EU test for crispiness of bacon…  never mind!

The eggs were perfectly cooked, with very rich, orange-coloured yolks.

Staying in this area?  I’d recommend this hotel for breakfast.

The evening meals in the bar are pretty good too!

Interesting week at the Premier Inn

It’s been a while since I last posted, but I’ve had no breakfasts worth writing about since staying at Restaurant Sat Bains!

Last week I ended up staying at the Premier Inn, Cheadle Royal for 4 nights in a row.  Lucky me, I hear you saying, well, I was lucky that I added the 4th night because breakfast on Friday morning had the best poached eggs of the week, but more of that later!  So, let me tell you about a mixed poached egg experience.

On Tuesday, the eggs both looked fine, although they’d been poached in a shallow pan.  They only looked fine, one was good the other was somewhat overcooked.

Wednesday and Thursday brought identical looking eggs to Tuesday, but both were cooked perfectly!  I was beginning to wonder whether this Premier Inn uses the same chef every day, and then on Friday, we clearly had a different chef.

Breakfast on Friday included two, almost perfectly poached eggs, cooked the proper way, in a deep pan!

I wonder if I should find out who the chef was on Friday morning and only stay here when he or she is on duty 🙂

If you would like to review your hotel breakfast experiences, just let me know!!

Premier Inn and almost premier eggs!

Last week I spent a couple of nights at the Premier Inn at Cheadle Royal.  I’ve spent quite a few nights here over the last couple of years and always have poached eggs.  The problem is, they’re not always the best.So, what did I get this time?  On Tuesday morning, the good news is that the eggs were perfectly cooked and, even better, they weren’t swimming in water on the plate!!  Can’t have a Premier Breakfast without bacon, and the bacon was perfectly cooked – just beginning to get crispy, just as I like it.

Thursday was not so good.  One of the eggs was cooked perfectly, the other was a little bit over-cooked for my liking.  Never mind, the bacon was perfect again…

One thing that I would like, though:  eggs that are poached in a deep pan of water, not shallow-poached as I had this week.  I have no plans for nights away this week, but may well poach my own eggs 🙂

Karan Hotel, Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia

I find myself working in Saudi Arabia this week and, once again, am staying at the Karan Hotel in Al Jubail .

I haven’t even tried to ask for poached eggs here, although I’m pretty sure they’d give it a damned good try.  What’s missing here are the appropriate foods to accompany the poached eggs.  Poached eggs, beef bacon and chicken sausage just won’t cut the mustard for me. I’m afraid!  I’ll just have to put up with the delicious, made-to-order omelettes!

What I’m happy to say about this hotel is that everything else is good.  Really good service from all of the staff, the buffet lunches and dinners are all perfectly good, although sometimes its a bit of a lucky dip as to what you might find yourself eating.  At least there’s plenty of mezze with really good hummus, tabouleh, dolmades etc., to keep me going!

I wonder what’s on the menu tonight…