Good eggs in Bracknell?

As you already know, poached eggs in Premier Inn breakfasts can be a bit variable in quality.  I stayed at the Premier Inn Bracknell Twin Bridges for a couple of nights this week and, of course, that means two breakfasts.

The both mornings, the eggs seemed to be reasonably well cooked, although not as good as the Irish eggs in the last post.  On the positive side, there was black pepper on the breakfast tables, and I can’t have poached eggs without a good grind of black pepper!  On the negative side was the amount of water sitting around the eggs on the plate.  Come on Premier Inn, it’s not difficult to drain the eggs a bit before putting them on the plate!

I discovered why there was water with the eggs.  After I’d mopped up the water with a napkin, I tried to lift them on top of the hash browns as seems to be my normal way of eating them.  The eggs fell apart completely!  Not so well poached eggs after all.

I’m back there again on Monday night; wish me luck!