A Premier Breakfast deserving the name!

Working in Wokingham for a couple of days and needed somewhere to stay. The Premier Inn website told me the closest was the hotel in Bracknell that I stayed in recently, so I decided to look to see what else was available. I ended up in the Premier Inn Reading South (Grazeley Green). It’s not the closest, but I really didn’t want to stay in the same hotel as last time.

It took a few minutes for my order to be taken, but it seemed that other people’s food came out fairly quickly, so I wasn’t overly hopeful about what I was about to receive. What did arrive was two perfectly egg-shaped, poached eggs that were cooked to perfection with nice and crispy hash browns. If I wanted to be picky, in my search for perfection, the breakfast here just needs to be served on hot plates to keep everything warm. If I wanted to be even pickier, it would be good if there was black pepper on the tables.

I don’t normally comment on the evening meals, but last night the food was really good for a pub attached to a Premier Inn. It is part of the Chef & Brewer chain, and these are normally better than the usual places that are associated with Premier Inns.

Sadly, I was only staying here for one night, but I will be staying here again the next time I’m in this part of the country.

More Premier Inn experiences

It’s been a while but I’ve been busy looking for perfect perfect poached eggs!

Since my last post, I’ve spent almost a week in Germany, but chickened out of trying to get my head around what might be the right German for poached eggs!  But, back in the UK, I’ve been back to the Premier Inn Cheadle Royal and the Premier Inn, Stockport Central.  

Unlike last time in Cheadle, the poached eggs were really disappointing: shallow-poached and overcooked.  The rest of the breakfast was good, though.  So, what was I expecting from the Premier Inn in Stockport.  I’ve stayed there before, but couldn’t remember what the breakfast was like.  The good news is that the kitchen here knows how to poach eggs.  Have I finally found the perfect Premier Inn breakfast?  Almost!  The eggs were slightly overcooked for my liking, but not too far off being the best I’ve had at a Premier Inn!  I guess that this may be my Premier Inn of choice in this bit of the North West.  Less handy for work, but better for breakfast.

Isn’t breakfast the most important meal of the day?